July 2009

we’re slacking again, but I have a good excuse…I’m still recovering from Hillside 2009, specifically, the weird trance I went into when Final Fantasy was doin’ his thing in the thunderstorm.

here’s a sleepy crane for you. Near the ruins of Goldie Mill.

sleepy crane

– Martina


going along with Stacey’s last post here. This was on the back of the Matrix building stairs, where the train tracks run near Eramosa & Woolwich. I’m not sure if the image and the text are supposed to go together, but here you go.

capitalism kills

As I’m not entirely sober whilst posting this, I’ll keep it short. This is the stuff Guelph is made of.

"112 500 billion barrels of proven oil reserves"

"112 500 billion barrels of proven oil reserves"

Thanks to my buddy in plaid for this image.

okay, so this may not be a fantastic work of art, but I’m throwing it in anyway because Stacey and I have been slacking on the posts this past week.

This was on the barrier near Rozanski hall when renovations were being done on MacKinnon, on the U of G campus. Back when I lived in residence we’d walk from our building down Trent lane for almost-midnight cake at the Bullring, so we could catch a glimpse of the artz haus hotties on our way over. We also passed by this many times. (there was also some Fire the Boss stencilling done on this plywood wall, over 5 years ago).

panflute flowchart

– Martina

This one is pretty recent. Walk home a different way than usual and you come across stuff like this, on the side of the WC Wood factory at Cross & Arthur st.


– Martina

Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks tagging is ugly. I found this on the back of the Guelph Youth Music centre, near Goldie Mill.


pointless 2

– Martina

Cat, on Wellington?
Cat, on Wellington?

Neeve and Wellington cat that can be found at other points in the city, mostly in the ward.


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