Hi folks,

it’s Martina here, one half of your GGB host crew. During my many summers in Guelph, when it becomes a sort of ghost town, I’ve had to come up with ways to amuse myself.  I often walk around town aimlessly to see what’s going on. These wanderings have shown me some of the best street art locations time and time again, and I started taking pictures of them, which is partly how this blog got started.

What I like about the street art I come across here is that it almost gives you a  sense of Guelph’s atmosphere.  Sure, there’s alot of tagging and random crap, but there are also unique pieces you likely wouldn’t see in other places.

One such piece I stumbled upon (literally) on the sidewalk while walking down York road a couple years ago. It remains one of my favourites.

rise up lovers

rise up lovers