Last year, I wrote this post after seeing the image of Santa with a gun and a bag of money. Having been a broke student last winter, and having been unemployed for the past month this year, the issue of consumer xmas is much more evident to me. Not only are we encouraged to buy all we can, we continue to be brainwashed into complacency: not questioning where these products came from, what they are made from, who they are made by and how they affect our health (just take a look at the cotton industry, or BPA plastic toys for children, or the way products on shelves are separated into gendered categories, telling you what you should like and what you should buy whether you want it or agree with it or not). People walk around wearing corporate logos they paid hundreds of dollars for, essentially paying out to be a walking advertisement for – chances are – a less-than-ethical company.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not like this is only a problem come late December. This happens all year. Look around you at the ads you see or hear, and give some good hard thought to what they’re really telling you. We should never base choices that affect our own health, or that of others or the planet, on a message from someone that’s selling us something. It’s called vested interest, people. Be aware of what’s being sold to you!