Next week (March 8th) is International Women’s Day! Searchable events database is here & includes 2 events in Guelph.


Folks have probably seen some feminist graffiti around town, like this and this. There are rad women causing shit and making art everywhere so our voices can be heard, but we don’t really get much press compared to the big guns like Banksy. (whose art is awesome, but why should he get all the cred?)

Take a look at these folks!

the Women Against Poverty Collective, in Toronto:

Swoon, NYC

Faith47, South Africa

Microbo, San Francisco

This book, Graffiti Women: Street Art from 5 Continents, is pretty great too – if you can find it check it out!

And let’s not forget the folks who have been with us all along. Here’s a throwback to a 1970s ad that got busted: