We’re cataloging local street art and graffiti. These are their stories (dun dun!) Most of the street art and graffiti here ends up painted over or destroyed, so we wanted to immortalize it for the sake of having a historical record of the images Guelph residents, students and visitors see and create. We encourage folks to e-mail images to us they’ve created or photographed in/around Guelph (guelphgraffitiblog@gmail.com). We’ll give you photo cred. Thanks, y’all! Enjoy.

About the Bloggers!


spends some of her free time wandering alleys, sidestreets and underpasses to seek out the art she loves to photograph.  She also enjoys seeing people walking their dogs, buskers, street activism and sunny (but not windy) winter days, followed by intimate house shows or hot drinks at downtown cafes.

6 Responses to “About Us”

  1. 🙂 I love this blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. RG Says:

    Well done. I’ll be spending some time in Guelph shortly and look forward to flicking some of the graffiti around town.

    However, why the emphasis on stencil work? Surely there’s more that constitutes the public art in the city?

  3. lowlz Says:

    i make the same shit dude.
    and now i see peoples like me.

    what a great day

  4. WomenzWordz Says:

    in reMemory of KASE2 & all the midnite writers…
    Motion’s GRAF, directed by Eklipz, feat. Zion



    GRAF, by Motion, directed by Eklipz, feat. Zion
    This is a piece I first had the opportunity to view when I spoke to Motion about doing a piece for the Hip Hop Homage site. When I read the piece I put some simple graphics to it in order to post it. A short time later Motion contacted me inquiring about putting some visuals to the piece and we started to brainstorm what we’d like to see. I thought having ZIon in it would be important and Motion whole heartily agreed. And he was down to be apart of it. We had a great team shoot day. Shouts to my other camera man Robbie J, My son Origin who handled lights and anything else we asked. Motions hair was done by Safiyah’s House of Creations, And Locations, make up and styling was done by Sonilda Teaque. Shouts to Supa 83, Kolor Brown,Fresh Kilz, King RC who all had a hand in creating the soundscape. Today we learned that a legend the King of Style Kase2/Case2 has passed away and we wanted to drop this piece today in celebration of his Life and his impact on the graffiti movement. Also with Loving memory of Ramsay Jones who gets a special dedication on the wall. Motion and Myself would like to thank all the people that were involved in the project. And those writer’s who have given us impactful and beautiful art to inspire our works.






  5. Sam Jewell Says:

    Downtown Guelph is looking for street artists to participate in a Graffiti Festival on Saturday September 29th. You will need to contact us directly to reserve a space (8′ x 4′ blank canvas will be provided). Email events@downtownguelph.com to get involved.

  6. Tania Says:

    A page dedicated to Guelph Street Artists run by Guelph Street Artists.

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