sorry for that long, unnanounced absence! there’s plenty more art around to post, so keep watching the skies…


A sly little fox found near the YMCA. thanks to brandon matthews for sending in the photo.

reminiscent of the Magic School Bus. Found on the side of a factory in the Ward

Also, check out this amazing website: Graffiti Research Lab, “dedicated to outfitting graffiti artists and activists with open source tools for urban communication”

skulls seem to be an ongoing theme these days. both found on the outskirts of downtown along some railroad tracks

This crowned peace sign (?) has popped up all over town recently – along Gordon st, near campus, downtown, and here, on the side of the Delta hotel entrance walkway.

Also, check out this article from Berlin about a 65 year old woman who removes or covers up racist and Nazi graffiti. Pretty awesome.

Found near downtown

there used to be a mural like this one up on a wall of Van Gogh’s, and then it got painted over…but one little bird has come out of hiding again. maybe it’s a sign of early spring.

Also, I totally dropped the ball on Black History Month and Women of Colour day. Theme post soon to come!