along the railway near Cardigan st.

found this stencil of Lauryn Hill near the farmer’s market. “Develop a negative into a positive picture”

this was found on the south side of downtown Guelph. It reads “KKKanada, your home on native land”

On a similar topic, to add some truthful humour, take a look at this video.

found on the southwest side of downtown Guelph

another appearance of the “free art” stencils near downtown

on a downtown footbridge

Found this near a downtown footbridge. A fancy “fate” sticker(?), a resist the olympics sticker, and some other stuff.

Also, for those who did not attend Kazoo! Fest this year, there was an interesting presentation by a guerrilla art group based out of Windsor. They do guerrilla gardening, laser graffiti, and a bunch of other cool stuff like this:

one of Broken City Labs' text-in-transit projects

Click the image to see their website. Cool stuff.

found down the street from the Farmers’ market

found near the Albion

This I found in a downtown alley.  Not very typical to find stuff like this around town.

It reads “I’ve been considering buying fake cigarettes…you know, the ones used in theatre productions? I’d like to be part of something bigger, but I don’t want to compromise my health.”