Alright readers, I’ll be straight with you. (Pay attention, because this is one of the only times you’ll witness me refer to myself as “straight”) – I’ve been out of Guelph (indeed, out of Ontario) since the end of May, and have not yet returned, which is part of the reason why this blog has been a big neglected of late. However, make no mistake – it may be dormant but is certainly not dead.

Check out this recent spurt of city-approved graffiti in Toronto, where people are paying artists to adorn their garage doors in order to prevent tagging or damage.

Here’s some great stuff my friend Maranda pointed me in the direction of earlier this spring. Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, pissed off and powerful!


found along Kent st.

This I found in a downtown alley.  Not very typical to find stuff like this around town.

It reads “I’ve been considering buying fake cigarettes…you know, the ones used in theatre productions? I’d like to be part of something bigger, but I don’t want to compromise my health.”

more “end transphobia” stuff on the footbridge. This was wheat pasted. Every other sign of graffiti on the pedestrian part of the bridge had been removed or painted over¬† when I found this. Glad this survived (so far).

– martina

someone has been playing tetris with wheat paste, in various downtown locations

– Martina

a second installment(?) to this one – it was pasted below it.

I’m not entirely sure whether this is a wheat pasting, or something else (it looks laminated) but regardless, it’s awesome. Found in a parking lot behind a Woolwich st building.

– martina