May 2010

this was found on the south side of downtown Guelph. It reads “KKKanada, your home on native land”

On a similar topic, to add some truthful humour, take a look at this video.


found on the southwest side of downtown Guelph

For folks familiar (or not!) with the UK’s well-known artist Banksy:

Some of Banksy’s work has appeared recently in Toronto. Most have been covered up, destroyed or defaced (for lack of a better word). The image above is linked to the CBC’s story on it.

Happy May 18th folks!

another appearance of the “free art” stencils near downtown

on a downtown footbridge

Found this near a downtown footbridge. A fancy “fate” sticker(?), a resist the olympics sticker, and some other stuff.

Also, for those who did not attend Kazoo! Fest this year, there was an interesting presentation by a guerrilla art group based out of Windsor. They do guerrilla gardening, laser graffiti, and a bunch of other cool stuff like this:

one of Broken City Labs' text-in-transit projects

Click the image to see their website. Cool stuff.

found down the street from the Farmers’ market

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